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Amie L. Thomasson is Professor of Philosophy, Cooper Fellow, and Parodi Senior Scholar in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Miami. 

She is the author of two books: Ordinary Objects (Oxford University Press, 2007), Fiction and Metaphysics (Cambridge University Press, 1999). She also co-edited (with David W. Smith) a collection of essays, Phenomenology and Philosophy of Mind (Oxford University Press, 2005).  In addition, she has published more than 50 book chapters and articles on topics in metaphysics, metaontology, fiction, philosophy of mind and phenomenology, the philosophy of art, and social ontology. 

She is currently working on developing a broadly deflationary approach to metaphysics, to appear in two books. The first is on existence questions (working title: Ontology Made Easy ) and is under review. The second is on modal metaphysical questions (working title: Norms and Necessity) and is in progress. Work on this project is kindly supported by a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

A recent interview with her about her work, published in 3AM Magazine, may be found here:

Her philosophical short story, "I'm Glad I'm not Real" has appeared in The Philosophy Shop. Ed. Peter Worley, Independent Thinking Press (2012). (An anthology of philosophical work for children, and winner of Best Anthology/Compilation at the New England Book Festival.)

She is on leave from teaching for academic year 2013-14 while on the fellowship from the NEH. Normally, she teaches courses from the introductory through graduate level, on topics including metaphysics and metametaphysics, the history of analytic philosophy, existentialism, phenomenology, philosophy of mind and philosophy of art. 

She is currently serving as Placement Director.



Fiction and Metaphysics

Cambridge University Press, 1999

Ordinary Objects

Oxford University Press, 2007


Phenomenology and Philosophy of Mind  (co-edited with David W. Smith)

Oxford University Press, 2005










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