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Norms and Necessity 

I am currently working on a book about metaphysical claims of necessity and possibility, called Norms and Necessity. I begin by unearthing the historical roots of a deflationary view (in Ayer and Wittgenstein, among others) according to which modal statements aren’t attempted descriptions of deep features of the world, but rather serve a different function. In the case of basic claims of metaphysical necessity, I argue, this function is giving object-language expression to semantic rules. I call the view “modal normativism”, and aim to show how it clarifies the epistemology and metaphysics of modality, while also fitting with a deflationary approach to the methods of metaphysics. 




  • “Ordinary Objects and the Prospects for a Global Pragmatism”, for The Nature of Ordinary Objects, ed. Javier Cumpa, Cambridge University Press.

  • “The Descriptivist Approach and the Ontology of Art”, for Art and Philosophy, ed. Christy Mag Uidhir, Oxford University Press.




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